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Open Letter for "Kabir Sawant" by Rushali Garg

Dear Kabir Sawant ,(Breathe: Into the Shadows) With a well toned, chiseled body and the ferocious roar you created the persona of a brute which could set any felon shivering and shuddering at your mere name. This robust ,Herculean build person would shed off its coconut cranium in Meghna's presence and metamorphise to a malleable ,hypnotic man to which every girl felt tranquillised to. Being guilt-stricken you got your transfer sanctioned to be around Meghna and after stealthily attending her motivational classes you again found your conscious berating you for being the reason of her paraplegia nevertheless being revered by her epiphany of considering misery as optional.Their was a sheen of moisture in your eyes that reflected on ours and I want to tell you that entreating a desperate apology and self- condemnation is the highest hierarchical repentance for an act where your intentions are all pure .So stop suffocating yourself underneath this emotional baggage ,okay? You we

Open Letter for "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" by Srishti Mishra

Dear Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,    Neither have I been to Spain nor have I done any adventure sport to overcome my fears but watching you was like watching myself in a mirror growing and understanding life better with every scene, every song and every dialogue.  It was like meeting a new self through the eyes of the three musketeers Arjun, Kabir and Imran.  It is something about you that never ages. Every time I meet you, something inside me changes. I start looking at life differently. It makes me look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. It makes me find the extraordinary in me. Life seems a little more beautiful, a little more hopeful and a lot more worth living. It was you who taught me to live life carelessly sometimes without calculating the consequences and pondering about the past like Imran said: "Aankh teri bekaar hi nam hai Har pal ek naya mausam hai Kyun tu aise pal khota hai Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai"   It makes every lost soul hopeful to find a purpose in lif

Sorrow by Anwesha Halder

In a room full of confetti and delights, people talking about  happy places and  cherry blossoms at night, I look at the corner if I can find a pair of sad eyes, a lone soul to match mine, A heart with cracks and stitches, a hanging weary smile and the mind which keeps losing track of time, humming of a 90's sad song on lips , eyes fixed on the sky, that's what I keep searching for in the rabble of forged smiles, someone who have seen the darkest nights, still  keeps running after the firefly, They are like this sunshine on the meadow described in a piano melody, beautiful with a pinch of sorrow, the tiny red stars sparkling stardust out their misery, the deep green forest echoing  the calmness and mystery, Even time can't fade  the tales on their skin or the dreams that are  still alive under the ashes. by Anwesha Halder | Instagram : @ poems_of_despair ------------------------ Also available at : Instagram : Facebook  :     http

"Loss of words" by Prapti Shah

Sitting in the porch , With a cup of coffee. Earpods plugged in , Jazz playing out its magic. Scrolling through feed , Rather mindlessly. Mind hovered with thoughts , Yet no words could delineate. Sometimes , at times , Loss of words is comforting. Not every affair , Is required to be said. Silence is a delicacy , Satiating the mind. Gaze at the peach sky , Smile , and let moment , Take its own meaning. Sometimes , at times , Loss of words is comforting. by Prapti Shah | Instagram : @dream_dialect ------------------------ Also available at : Instagram : Facebook :

Open Letter to Berlin from the Money Heist TV show

‎ ‎ Dear Berlin, ‎ Why'd you do that? You deserved to live a little longer. I was crestfallen on seeing you get shot in the chest. A little part of me was hoping that you'd survive it. How dumb was I even to think that? ‎ You were repulsive at the beginning, especially when you ordered Denver to execute Monica Gaztambide. I had also fallen for The Professor's intellect as most others did initially. But my perspective changed when the series progressed. The Professor was the mastermind but it was you who was leading the pack. ‎ You made sure everything was going as per the plan. You punished the team members as and when it was required. Oh! Do I need to tell about that time when you tossed Tokyo out from The Royal Mint of Spain? It was just nuts. You were as calm as the sea and didn't lose your shit when Tokyo played Russian Roulette with you. ‎ You once said, "Love can't be timed. It has to be lived." Of course you knew it very well because you've had