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Open Letter for "Kabir Sawant" by Rushali Garg

Dear Kabir Sawant ,(Breathe: Into the Shadows) With a well toned, chiseled body and the ferocious roar you created the persona of a brute which could set any felon shivering and shuddering at your mere name. This robust ,Herculean build person would shed off its coconut cranium in Meghna's presence and metamorphise to a malleable ,hypnotic man to which every girl felt tranquillised to.
Being guilt-stricken you got your transfer sanctioned to be around Meghna and after stealthily attending her motivational classes you again found your conscious berating you for being the reason of her paraplegia nevertheless being revered by her epiphany of considering misery as optional.Their was a sheen of moisture in your eyes that reflected on ours and I want to tell you that entreating a desperate apology and self- condemnation is the highest hierarchical repentance for an act where your intentions are all pure .So stop suffocating yourself underneath this emotional baggage ,okay? You were a diligent and righteous Crime Branch officer who scrutinized every microscopic evidence to seize the offender.We instantly felt a connection with your character because you wore it as your own skin.The conundrum of the horrific ambush had its roots in two irreconcilable worlds i.e. mythology and medical science and it required a sagacious cop like you to crack it with your shrewdness .Sometimes you went against the rules defying them because you considered your case not just a day job but a moral obligation and liability towards it. Meghna made you feel alive as if you were 'breathing' again . She was a brush stroke of colour on the grey barren canvas of your life. The flinch on hearing about her relocation but still standing strong and when you said "kal ki fikar mein Aaj kyon barbad Karen" believe me, made every girl go weak in the knees. We even wished to see you together but then I know that an unaccomplished love is the most selfless and magical one,the one that enlightens a hope within you to meet that person someday again with a better version of yourself. Nobody except you would have been able to handle this case better because while adhering to law the gravity of emotions and family could not have been neglected .You were right "nobody can answer whether killing someone to save your own family is right or wrong. But Siya deserved a parent and family comes before everything ." We bowed down in reverence at this point. Initially I wanted to meet you but now I think it is not possible to gaze at the sun with your eyes wide open. Well you said that "you don't fit in" .Wrong Sir.For us you will always flawlessly fit in our hearts. Someone Who can't stop drooling over you!❣️

by Rushali Garg | Instagram : @rushali_garg

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