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Open Letter to Berlin from the Money Heist TV show

Dear Berlin,
Why'd you do that? You deserved to live a little longer. I was crestfallen on seeing you get shot in the chest. A little part of me was hoping that you'd survive it. How dumb was I even to think that?
You were repulsive at the beginning, especially when you ordered Denver to execute Monica Gaztambide. I had also fallen for The Professor's intellect as most others did initially. But my perspective changed when the series progressed. The Professor was the mastermind but it was you who was leading the pack.
You made sure everything was going as per the plan. You punished the team members as and when it was required. Oh! Do I need to tell about that time when you tossed Tokyo out from The Royal Mint of Spain? It was just nuts. You were as calm as the sea and didn't lose your shit when Tokyo played Russian Roulette with you.
You once said, "Love can't be timed. It has to be lived." Of course you knew it very well because you've had 5 divorces. You were so damn right. You can't be calculative when it comes to love. You never know when will it happen. You can't just wait everyday hoping that someone would come and tell you that they love you. No wonder why Palermo fell for you.
Bella Ciao, Berlin!


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