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Open Letter by Chahat Bhatia

  Dear Gunjan Saxena, Today I saw you, and want to salute you, the first Indian female pilot in combat and the first women to be the part of Kargil War. I not just only saw you, but I felt you. I felt your every struggle and hard work, and then I realised where I lacked in accomplishing my dreams. You just not saw a dream, but you dwelled with it and embraced it. You got yourself committed with your desire to the extent that nobody could thought of stopping you. And nobody could stopped you. When you were 5, you saw a dream to become a pilot, and when you got 20, you had the same passion in your psyche. You got sticked by your goal. Despite confronting all the rejections, you still not back down. You jumped into the field to depict your strength, to show that no women are less powerful. You tossed out all the stereotypes that the society have selected for women. You dismissed all the comments and focused on your vision. Also, I want you to communicate some of my words to your father &q

Critique on Film "Shahid" by Hrithik Rai

  Shahid slams the liberals. Shahid slams the convention. Activism, Feminism... We run on slogans and taglines. Shahid questions the existence of every '-ism'. He questions perspective, he questions your definition of freedom, he questions this very habit of scribbling actions under labels. The modern day liberal in our country believes in fighting for the minority. A non-muslim pro-muslim is your man of wisdom. He is what this educated nation wants. He is well read. "No he isn't", said Shahid. "No we don't want him" said Shahid. Why so? "For the one who knows what he is fighting for, will end his journey when he wins the battle. Two things - this nation is not a battleground and no journey should ever end". Every subjective hindi film based on religious disparity chooses to establish the 'suffering of minorities' as a tool to sensitize and educate the audience. Shahid betrays this disturbing trend. "เคฎुเคे เค–ुเคฆा เคจे เคจाเค‡ंเคธ

The 'TOMORROW' by Parbin Choudhury

The 'Tomorrow' Never have I been an exceptionally happy soul, But usually, I could atleast sleep at night, peacefully, But the past few days, have seized even that privilege from me. For these days, I wake up from my sleep all of a sudden, in the middle of the night; As if the last thoughts I got before I fell asleep, shook me awake. But once awake, I can't remember what I was thinking of. And I spend the rest of the night, confused, by the window sill, Desperately trying to hold onto the plethora of thoughts, crossing my mind for the umpteenth time. Sometimes, I spot an owl trying to capture a mouse. The mouse struggles to get into that tiny hole, but alas! The hole was too tiny for the big fat mouse, And the owl treated itself to a delicious mouse meal. I feel like that poor tiny hole, unworthy of even saving a mouse. I felt like someone excluded from the picture of everything important, Everything that was happening around, The feeling of being forlorn and vain surro

Open letter to "Damon" by Muskan Godara

 Dear Damon , with this letter, i finally got the opportunity to tell you what a crazy fanatic i am. I wasn't ever a fan of supernatural shows so TVD was never on the cards for me to watch. But in my first year of college, my friend begged me to start watching it and safe to say : it's one of the best suggestions anyone has ever given me. And okay I admit that it were your intense, baby blue eyes contrasting wonderfully against darkened eyelashes, your charismatic "bad-boy" smile and your sassy and charming wit that got me attracted to you in the first place so you can revel in your egotistical attitude, since well, you are the "eternal stud" (always will be). Oh, by the way, do you still listen to Taylor Swift? Your immoral and impulsive behaviour often drove me crazy. But hey, you were a pretentious, highly abhorrent jackass so don't blame me for resenting you for a brief period of time. Despite having an abusive father, you were an incredible big brot

"TRIGGER WARNING- Suicide" - by Akansha Sharma

TRIGGER WARNING- Suicide. This is a letter to myself. So I'll start it like this: I don't like you. I am tired of you and your weary face. Your sagging and drowsy eyes are an afflict to the people who care about you. You being an eccedentesiast are making your own life, a nightmare which you fear the most from. Why are you such a hex? Your bones aren't sturdly enough to own the weights of the notions going into your teensy head. Your wrists are jaded of the blades and knives which they go through very often. You tell your mind to cease the suicidal thoughts, which visit it more than hundredfold. Your palms are red and sore by the finger nails which dig deeper when anger embeds. You know, self, people have stopped expecting from you, as if you are the biggest catastrophe. Your existence haunts them sometimes as if you are an ill fortune. Dear you, even i don't expect anything from you, because you and only you, scare me somtimes. I know your heart carries a weigh

Letter for "VED" by Prapti and Shreya

  Dearest Ved , You were so cheerful , and your formula of hiding identities was soo interesting. I was hooked , completely. You dancing on the lanes of Corsica with those crew was so enchanting and I was all floored yet again. You were so perfect , so full of life , I just kept staring. The Don I found in Corsica had become my conscience. I looked upto you , to be you. ‎ I thought the way you are portraying "Don" is what the personality Ved holds, just like Tara i assummed you are a guy who doesn't bother about anyone else until I saw you India ‎ Ab kahani toh badal gayi. Aagaye hum delhi. Ved , A corporate. With those business talks and firm eyes. At first , I couldn't recognise you. I mean no , this isn't Ved. It can't be him. I felt I was doped. ‎ But in course of time , I came on terms with truth. That was actually you. But not who you wanted to be , but what society carved out of you. You accepted it , you didn't flinch. I felt like someone who had b

Critique on 'Tumbbad' by Rushali Garg

  To 'Tumbbad' , ‎ Tumbbad re-invents the genre of horror by playing with your mind and making your hair stand on end without popping phantoms on-screen.An allegorical movie that compasses three generations where the hidden treasure is synonymous to the latent greed of man . ‎ Wish,want and greed, there exists a hairline difference between these 3 basic human emotions and the triune of chapters is figurative of this where with each successive phase it transcends to the next emotion. ‎ An eerie ,engimatic castle in the city where the rains poured in as the wrath of the deities had a well shrouded in mystery and Vinayak took months of labour to tunnel out the casket to the Goddess womb like the arduous excavation of the rock -hewn stairwell to the watery tombs beneath the pyramids of Sudan's black pharaohs. The denizen of the coffer,the most endearing son of the Goddess,'Hastar' had both a fear and hunger of grains while it's loincloth cloaked the coveted treasure

Open Letter for "Manny and Kizie" by Neeranjan Londhe

  Dear Kizie, You represent every soul who cannot find sense in remixes and someone who will always reminisce that one soulful song, you represent those few of many who would choose to stay at home, read a book, or get glued to bed rather than going out. The way you grieved for the unknown at funerals and how sensitive you were for other people's sorrows, but yet for yourself you made a choice to not heal from your own wound and choose to live a mundane life , blog about your entire day but not interact with anyone other than a computer. You hid inside a shell and resisted Manny because you didn't want him to get hurt, your ignorance was nothing but help in disguise. Slowly you gave into your fears and after a short span, you lost another part of yourself, Manny. You didn't let him be hypocrite, you made sure you were a pillar that he can lean on while your own emotional foundation was healing, still you uplifted him and tried. You succeeded at loving someone truly and perh

Open Letter for "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" by Srishti Mishra

Dear F.R.I.E.N.D.S,  .  This is the one with a fan's confession. I am not exaggerating anything by saying that I still go back to you on the days when I am not "doin'" good and everything seems like a "moo point". On such days I just wish that  Phoebe could cleanse my aura too.  .  Like everyone I too wished that you'd come back and we'd know how was Monica and Chandler's life in Westchester County. And Chandler, did you ever run into Beyonce or was it Janice again? Has Joey finally replaced his love for meat ball subs with someone special? How are "Crap Bag" and "Princess Consuela Banana Hammock" doing? Do they have kids? Have Ross and Rachel married? Was the marriage on a cliff in Barbados at sunset? Is Emma more into dinosaurs or fashion? All these questions keep occuring in our minds but  the most important of them all is-Do you guys still hangout together?  .  I have watched many shows and I like many characters but nobod