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Letter for "VED" by Prapti and Shreya

 Dearest Ved ,

You were so cheerful , and your formula of hiding identities was soo interesting. I was hooked , completely. You dancing on the lanes of Corsica with those crew was so enchanting and I was all floored yet again. You were so perfect , so full of life , I just kept staring. The Don I found in Corsica had become my conscience. I looked upto you , to be you.

I thought the way you are portraying "Don" is what the personality Ved holds, just like Tara i assummed you are a guy who doesn't bother about anyone else until I saw you India

Ab kahani toh badal gayi. Aagaye hum delhi. Ved , A corporate. With those business talks and firm eyes. At first , I couldn't recognise you. I mean no , this isn't Ved. It can't be him. I felt I was doped.

But in course of time , I came on terms with truth. That was actually you. But not who you wanted to be , but what society carved out of you. You accepted it , you didn't flinch. I felt like someone who had been cheated. Don kaha kho gaya? You were so bummed with societal duties and expectations that you lost yourself. You were a born storyteller but just because those humans whom we call "people" doomed you to be this corporate. And phew , you submitted. My heart crumbled.No one could bring out you but YOU.

Along with Tara in India, I saw you being puppet of people's Hand, from pursuing engineering to speaking in conference meetings you were doing what was told to you not what you wished to.

With you I realized that we wear masks in our real life as well and play a role of some story whose actors we aren't meant to but just to make the directors happy for whom we are playing roles unwillingly.

Sometimes to choose what we want to do and what others want to do we are held in problems. So many things goes in our mind which are unheard. Couldn't help and left with nothing but just cry.

In the end, I loved how you took step for yourself doing something that you like. Played a role of your own story whose actor you wanted to become since childhood. when I see you in the theater , my eyes got welled. I couldn't hold back my tears. Happy tears. There you were. Ved , whom I loved. You made my question myself. You made me accept myself for who I am. And that meant everything. You'll stay with me for life. In my conscience. Pushing me to pursue what my heart says. Break the Norm , Be the Hero. That was You. That is Me. Can't really thank you enough. You rockstar I LOVE YOU. Yours sincerely and truly ,

by Prapti and Shreya | Instagram : @dream_dialect and @unsaidtales._

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