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Open letter to "Damon" by Muskan Godara

 Dear Damon ,

with this letter, i finally got the opportunity to tell you what a crazy fanatic i am. I wasn't ever a fan of supernatural shows so TVD was never on the cards for me to watch. But in my first year of college, my friend begged me to start watching it and safe to say : it's one of the best suggestions anyone has ever given me.

And okay I admit that it were your intense, baby blue eyes contrasting wonderfully against darkened eyelashes, your charismatic "bad-boy" smile and your sassy and charming wit that got me attracted to you in the first place so you can revel in your egotistical attitude, since well, you are the "eternal stud" (always will be). Oh, by the way, do you still listen to Taylor Swift?

Your immoral and impulsive behaviour often drove me crazy. But hey, you were a pretentious, highly abhorrent jackass so don't blame me for resenting you for a brief period of time. Despite having an abusive father, you were an incredible big brother to Stefan, taking care of him and protecting him just like a father would. To go through so much and still be able to love others so fiercely is something i admire about you this day. We all know you didn't have a smooth life at all.

And yes you've made your fair sum of mistakes, I won't justify you and I know you don't endorse them either, and that's something that constitutes to who we are as a person ; to own up to our mistakes, to learn from them and not fabricate them.

It's not just your demeanour and your ability to love others that made me fall for you. It's how you always looked at the positive side of everything, how you were always willing to make the hard choice to safeguard those you had grown fond of. The "soft spot" you were always known to have for both your brother and Elena is what kept you human even as a vampire.

You're loved Damon❤️. By many around you and millions around the world. I hope you live as a life as beautiful as your smile and as adventurous as you are. I adore you.

A fan who's never going to get tired of ogling at your face,

by Muskan Godara | Instagram : @__godara01

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