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Prompt by Akansha

  yesterday was tough, again. and now, i garner the fragments of my wrecked heart below the feet of the people i love. here i'm, sitting alone in the balcony watching the crescent-less sky and dreaming about the foregone. i was 6 hails old when a thundercloud invaded into my life, and exploded into disparating catastrophes. my father, an intrepid; abiding the toughest, met with an accident. he had his 37 bones crippled, for i longed for a shoulder to sob on. i was 9 summers old when a delusional rainbow unveiled the grey sky of cascading murks with blossoms and sunflowers. my father, a hodophile; took us to four holy pilgrimages. he praised the deities of various religions, for he wanted to become god's favourite. on days when he cursed himself and start to lose faith, me, being an atheist; made him my god. i searched for his blessings in every nano-second of my living, just as trapping lustrous seashells from plenty of shores. i was 10 parchments old when an asteroid knocked m

Open letter to Will by Jismi

  Dear Will, As you express through art, I would like to express myself through this letter. And in return, I would be glad if you draw my sketch. So, let me guess, you are a kind of guy who ignores the rules because it makes you feel in control. Am I right? I believe that it's all because of the B-cepacia infection which made you ineligible for a transplant. You became a cynic and a rebel who hardly followed his regimen. Nothing is going to save our lives. We’re breathing borrowed air. Enjoy it- coming from someone who knew that his days are counted. Without living in a state of denial, you were in terms with the harsh realities of your life. Can two people who can't touch really be together? Two people part of the same love story, yet apart. A stay five feet apart love story. No doubt, you could never really touch her, but you did touch her soul in innumerable ways. I have always heard people saying if you love something; you have to learn to let it go. I thought that was suc