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Open letter to Will by Jismi


Dear Will,
As you express through art, I would like to express myself through this letter. And in return, I would be glad if you draw my sketch.
So, let me guess, you are a kind of guy who ignores the rules because it makes you feel in control. Am I right?

I believe that it's all because of the B-cepacia infection which made you ineligible for a transplant. You became a cynic and a rebel who hardly followed his regimen.
Nothing is going to save our lives. We’re breathing borrowed air. Enjoy it- coming from someone who knew that his days are counted. Without living in a state of denial, you were in terms with the harsh realities of your life.

Can two people who can't touch really be together? Two people part of the same love story, yet apart. A stay five feet apart love story. No doubt, you could never really touch her, but you did touch her soul in innumerable ways.

I have always heard people saying if you love something; you have to learn to let it go. I thought that was such a bullshit, till I watched you doing it. Was walking away that easy? When you knew that you had less time to live, you chose to walk away from the one you loved deeply. A heroic and selfless act.
Seeing you do that was heart-wrenching

It was you who taught Stella and all of us to seize the day. To the people, cribbing about their shortcomings without actually enjoying life, constantly worried about the future.
You need to lighten up. It’s just life. It’ll be over before you know it.

You taught us it's important to actually live before we die and it's completely okay if we have to break the rules.
We spend most of our lives pondering over whats and ifs. But how long are we planning to live our lives afraid of whats-ifs?
You wanted to travel the world; I hope you are able to do it. Thank you for being the best boyfriend Stella could ever have.

And also something which you and Stella taught us, to stay apart without touching each other. We are practicing it now.
It's really tough!

Hope you're doing fine.
Take care.



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