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Breaking down Ted Mosby

 "Shouldn't we hold out for the person who doesn't just tolerate our little quirks but actually kinda.. Likes them?"

(Lines by TED MOSBY [HIMYM])

We all need someone at our side in the thick and the thin. But not all of us are lucky enough to have that person in our lives. And if we have they think of us as a responsibility that they have to take care of somehow or other. Kinda sad, that life gives us what we want but not what we "need". Having someone who not only feels happy but feels comfortable to be with you. Someone who loves when you dance in that goofy nightsuit or sing weirdly at midnight. Someone who's all head over heels for you ignoring the fact that you're sometimes a pain in the neck. Someone who likes to tease you when you're all up in arms. Someone who listens to you calmly, without getting sick, when you act like a moaning minnie. Someone you can grow in love with each passing day. And don't we all want somebody who has us at our "aw, you're an idiot."?
And you know you're going to have tough times every now and then, but deep down, there's a gladdening satisfaction that this person is going to be there for holding you when you jump off the cliff of your despair.

When you cry or when you feel extremely happy the name of that one person pops up in your head to whom you gonna talk about it. Such precious diamond-like people are so rare and hard to find. So if you have someone who does/feels half of the above-mentioned acts, then man fortune is smiling on you. Keep a grip on it or else you'll regret your whole life for letting go of the hand you were supposed to hold on for dear life.

By Muskan Godara ( )


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